Payout Schedule




The Amarillo Dragway Bracket Racing Points System is very simple:

  • 10 points for showing up and making a 1st round pass
  • 10 points for each round WIN 
  • No points awarded for a losing round, however; if you buy back 1st or 2nd round you are still eligible for pointseach round win following the losing round.  

Accumulate points by signing up either through our contact page or at the track! Your points start accumulating after you sign up, no backdated points will be awarded. 2 of your worst points races will be dropped for the 2018 season if 12 or more races are ran. If 11 or fewer races are ran only 1 points race will be dropped!

Points Fee:

  • Big Cars - $25 for one class, $15 for each additional class
  • Jr. Dragsters - $10


Top ET (Box)

  • 1/8th Mile format
  • Use of Delay Box is permitted
  • Crosstalk is permitted
  • Throttle stop is permitted

Modified ET (No Box)

  • 1/8th Mile format
  • Trans brakes, two-steps, and automated shifters are permitted
  • NO delay box 
  • Throttle stop is prohibited

Jr. Dragster

  • 1/8th Mile format
  • Ages 7-17
  • Must follow all rules and ET restrictions set in place by IHRA


  • 1/4th Mile format
  • Must be DOT legal, including rear tires

IHRA Online Rulebook

It is encouraged that every racer review the IHRA rulebook for exact and detailed rules for their car. You can view the online rulebook HERE

Test N Tune

  • Anyone can race!
  • 1/4th mile format
  • Car must be in good working order (no leaks, missing bolts, etc...)
  • 13.99 or faster requires a helmet
  • Must wear pants/jeans
  • Motorcycles must have full face helmet, pants, gloves, and jacket.

See Test N Tune for more details